Eco Bebek was founded in Urla in January 2015. When I was looking for organic and natural products for my son, I decided to create a shopping website where mother and baby products could be easily delivered by listening to the voice of my entrepreneurial spirit. We opened the Eco Bebek shop in Urla in December 2015 after the website was going well and people wanted to see and buy the products.

In 2016 we began to produce GOTS (Global Organic Textile) certified knitting yarns from 100% organic cotton and our path then took on a slightly different shape. We started selling knitting yarn first to Europe and then to many parts of the world. The GOTS certificate is the most respected organic textile certificate in the world and we as Eco Bebek have this certificate. With strict controls, the difficulty of rope production and the COVID that entered our lives in 2019, we stopped producing the mother and baby products and focused only on the production and sale of rope.

Thanks to my desire to always be in contact with customers and to be responsible and aware of the entire business, we have been able to survive in a competitive sector for 7 years by producing qualified products. Honesty and open communication are among the most important principles in this work... Eco Bebek is first and foremost the story of a woman, a mother and a person who, at the age of 25, had the courage to become an entrepreneur. I have met thousands of women on this path for 7 years and we embraced them all as mothers and people. With this motivation, we will keep making progress by adding more colors to our ropes every day.

Best regards